Illuminating the Bathroom Space

The major problem in the bathroom is not the limited space that it often possesses. In fact, it is the lack of bathroom lighting. You’ll find that many bathrooms fail to present the right amount of lighting. The common scene is that a single recessed light is affixed unto the ceiling and another one on the mirror area. While such will afford some light into the room, it is never adequate and will often result in an appalling bathroom zone.

The bathroom is not just any ordinary space inside the home. People can live without a kitchen and dining room as they can just grab a bite in diners, canteens and restaurants. We can do without a living room, a den or an outdoor space. A simple bedroom with an attached bathroom is all we require in order to live comfortably.

The bathroom will always be a staple where we live because private and important activities are conducted in here. Like the bedroom you own, you can also introduce wonderful bathroom lighting into this zone. You can let your personality reflect in the lights in the same manner that you have applied in other areas of your home.

You can choose lighting fixtures that will convey your modern or traditional taste. You can go funky or go classy. Whatever mood you want evoked in this place, you can do so with the use of bathroom lights. It is totally your choice on how the lights will appear and feel in this private space.

The important thing when it comes to bathroom lighting is that the place should be well-lighted. Water on tile floors can be slippery and a potential cause for accidents. You shouldn’t also stick on one type of lighting fixtures. You can also make use of pendant lights or mini-chandeliers on the ceiling. You can affix sconces on walls and attached under cabinet lights if applicable. Be creative with the lights that you have. It is essential that you exercise versatility when it comes to illuminating this bathroom space.

Is White the Right Colour for Hand Towels?

Hand towels are a daily need at home, and even while you are outside. In salons, restaurants, offices and at home, hand towels are a mainstay and cannot go anywhere in a hurry. While towels continue to be bought in a variety of sizes and colours for different uses, one of the major questions continues to be if white is the best color to buy them in.

Amid the scope and variety that hand towels offer, most people continue to buy towels in pure whites. It is a little difficult to understand this paradox as towels are most likely to get dirty and pick up stains with daily use.

Although people view white as the best color for use in salons and spas, this is not a mandatory requirement. Many salons today use interesting colors which are not only easier to maintain, but also very attractive to look at. With a small motif, design or logo the hand towel can be transformed completely.

The most important thing about hand towels is that they be maintained well. A regular wash goes without saying, but it is also necessary to keep them spotless and soft to the touch. The liberal use of fabric softener and conditioner is a must. If your towels are white, it is a good idea to try and use bleach on your towels occasionally to keep them in good shape. When washing towels, especially those kept in the kitchen or the bathroom, disinfect them by washing in hot water to maintain high standards of hygiene.

While there can never be a certain answer to whether you should select whites for your hand towels or a darker color, the one fact that has common consensus is that they must remain in the right shape. The color you select can depend on its use and importance, but the way it looks will reflect your own standards.

Enjoy the Beauty and Durability of a Soapstone Fireplace Or a Soapstone Counter

Soapstone is a versatile rock that has many uses around the home. If you are building a new home or remodeling your current one, you might consider the addition of soapstone to your home decor. A new soapstone fireplace or soapstone counter offers many advantages that homeowners are looking for in top-quality home furnishings and finishes.

Soapstone is a wonderful material for use in fireplace and stove construction. Because it is a relatively soft mineral, it can be carved into unique, customized shapes and designs, making it a popular choice with interior designers. Soapstone has the distinctive ability to retain, absorb and conduct heat well, and this has several advantages for use in fireplaces and stoves. Fuels of many kinds burn very cleanly and efficiently in a soapstone fireplace. After the fuels burn, the fireplace or stove will absorb the heat easily and conduct it effortlessly, thus keeping your rooms warm long after the fuel has been exhausted. Although an entire stove can be constructed from soapstone, thin sheets of the mineral can also be used to line your fireplace, thus giving the same benefits that come from a stove application.

The rock can also be used for making countertops. A soapstone counter is a lovely addition to any bathroom or kitchen. Many people use this stone because of its durable nature. It comes in many attractive shades, ranging from light to dark natural stone colors. The stone also features distinctive veining, making for a unique look in whatever application it is applied. Dark colors of the stone do not show stains, and this is one reason why it can be used to great effect in high-use areas of the home, such as the kitchen and the bathroom. This tough stone surface lasts for the long term when used as a soapstone counter.

You can also match your soapstone counter to other room features. Sinks and tiles can be made from soapstone, for example, and they add to the continuity of design in any room. Sinks can be carved from solid blocks of stone, or they can be made from thin slices of stone that are professionally adhered together, forming a sink basin. Tiles from soapstone can be used in many lovely ways, including intricate mosaics that can be featured as the backsplash behind your stove top or on the fronts of stair risers, adding complementary color and style to your home.