Things to Know About Bathroom Lighting

Chrome bulbs are specialized light bulbs with a layer or layers of chrome coating the bulb. This chrome coating in effect makes the light from the bulb brighter. These bulbs may be also known as mirror bulbs, clear bulbs, or stealth bulbs. The chrome bulbs are better attributed with car lights. The capacity of the chrome bulb to emit brighter light makes it the ideal light bulb for those who want to pimp their rides. The chrome bulb is not only limited for making cars more dashing, they are also integrated in other lighting fixtures for other functions.

In households, chrome lighting can be used in various areas like the kitchen and the bathroom where people spend a lot of time to prepare. More specifically, chrome bulbs for the bathroom are used as sconces, or the ones hanging on the wall. The bathroom is the room where people get the privacy and space to fix themselves and there should be enough lighting for people to have a clear view or their appearance from the mirrors. With enough lighting people will be able to prepare themselves better and notice skin blemishes easily. It is ideal to use chrome bulbs in the bathroom since the illumination capacity of the bulb is very high.

People also spend a significant amount of time inside bathrooms. Some can consume several hours just by taking showers or pampering themselves in tubs. Hours in the bathroom means hours of electricity to be spent in that bathroom. Another benefit of using chrome in bathroom lights is that it does not consume as much energy as the ordinary light bulbs, but still emits brighter light. Other than being used in bathroom lights, it is also ideal for work places in the house like the kitchen or in offices since these areas need long hours of lighting.

Like all other lighting fixtures, the chrome lighting fixtures in the bathroom also come in special designs so that there is a control in lighting despite the fact that light from chrome light bulbs can be extremely bright. Before using chrome in bathroom lights, the size of the bathroom and the color should be the basis for the strength in terms of brightness of the bathroom lights. The wrong bathroom lighting  can have negative effects on the bathroom especially when it is not pleasing to the eyes.

With the advantages come some precautions when using the chrome bulbs. The only thing to watch out for when using chrome bulbs is the way they are handled. Compared to other bulbs, the chrome bulb has a higher level of mercury. When handling these bulbs, gloves must be worn and children must not be able to reach them.

Replacing a Broken Tile in the Bathroom

It was bound to happen. The new floors have been finished for less than a week, and someone already has dropped a hammer on the kitchen’s tile floor. Unless the tile guy is still on the job, you’re either going to wait a long time or fix it yourself.

Luckily, it’s a fairly easy fix, as long as you use the right technique. Although you can use a hammer and an old chisel to break out the damaged tile, this technique can be risky. Within grout joints tighter than 3/16-in, hammer blows can chip or crack adjacent tiles. Hammering also can pulverize the substrate beneath the damaged tile.

Occasionally, I use a hole saw to cut out the center portion of a cracked tile. This technique is good for
removing soft-bodied tile. It’s usually a slow process, but I’m left with a hole in the tile that makes it easy to pry with the tip of a chisel or a screwdriver.

My preferred technique, however, is to use an angle grinder outfitted with a 4-in diamond blade made by Pearl Abrasive and a shop vacuum. This technique is good for thick, soft-bodied tiles such as saltillo, but it works on others as well. The tile must be larger than 4-in, or there won’t be room for 4-in grinder blade.

Basically, the trick is first to isolate the tile from neighboring tiles by removing the surrounding grout line,
then carefully break the tile into pieces and remove it. Using a grinder can be messy unless you keep a vacuum nozzle trained on the dust stream. I mask off any surrounding cabinet faces or furniture, and also protect neighboring tiles with sheet metal or plywood in case I overcut. I mask off myself as well, by donning safety glasses, a dust mask and my hearing protection.

I start by making diagonal cuts, then make separate cuts that run parallel to the edges. The parallel cuts along the tile edges make it possible to position a a chisel from the edge of a tile facing in so that the neighboring tile is not damaged. This technique is good for removing tiles with tight joints, like marble. There’s also a cordless 3-1/8-in saw with a slightly smaller diamond blade that comes in handy; I also use a Dremel tool fitted with a small #7134 diamond-point bit in the corners where the grinder can’t reach.

Once the tile is removed, I scrape out any remaining thinset and vacuum the substrate. With fresh thinset and a new tile, the job is finished, except for the grouting work.

Reasons to Go Online to Find the Right Commercial Sinks

When you need to find commercial sinks for your business, the best way to find them is to go online. There are many different reasons why it is a good idea to use the internet to find the sinks that are needed for commercial use. Knowing what these reasons are will help you decide if this is the way you should be using to find the sinks for your particular business.

Here are some of the more important reasons why it is always a good idea to go online to find the sinks needed for commercial use.

1. Save time – By using the internet to search for sinks for commercial use, time will be saved because you won’t have to visit a bunch of different places. Instead, you can look online at any time of the day or night to find what is needed. Not having to go from one place to another is a big time saver which is always a big plus with any business owner.

2. Learn more information – When shopping online for sinks, it is very easy to learn a lot of useful information about them that will help you decide if that is the right type of sink for your business. This is not something that you can find when searching for sinks offline.

3. Compare prices – Shopping online provides many different sinks to choose from, but it also provides many different prices. By going online, you can find sinks for a good price. This will help you save money and not pay more than is needed for the sinks for your particular business.

4. Compare sinks – There are so many different types of sinks available for the kitchen and the bathrooms. You have to take time to compare them to be sure you are getting ones that last and that are big enough for your business needs. Don’t just choose the first ones that you find because you have to make sure that the sinks are right for your particular business and the internet lets you do exactly that before purchasing anything.

These are the most important reasons why going online to find commercial sinks is a good idea. The internet definitely provides more options and is a time saver. Plus, it makes it so much easier to find the right sinks because you can compare everything first before deciding. Now that you know why going online is a good idea, start your own search online and before you know it, the right sinks will be installed in your business.