House Cleaning in the Bathroom to Prevent Mildew and Mold

House cleaning pertains to every room in your home. A clean home is one that is more enjoyable to reside in for everyone concerned. The bathroom is a very busy room in a house and one that needs a great deal of attention. Don your rubber gloves, grab your cleaners and get to work to keep it clean on a regular basis.

Mildew and mold are not nice things to have growing in your bathroom. Both of these unwelcome household visitors are fungus that grows in damp and moist environments. While mildew and mold can show up anywhere in a home such as in a kitchen or basement, they are particularly fond of bathrooms. Both can be found growing in areas that meet any of these requirements- dampness, warm temperatures, high humidity, poor air circulation and ventilation, and low lighting.

Both mildew and mold can be found growing on any number of surfaces such as grout, paint, tiles, porcelain, wood and glass. This is why house cleaning in your bathroom is so essential! You must be consistent in your efforts to thwart the growth of both! Mildew looks for a dark corner or crack in the shower or on the wall and then it starts to grow. If you don’t get in there and remove it then it will continue to get worse and you will end up with a terrible problem to cope with!

The thing about mildew and mold is that if left to its own devices it will keep growing. Its reach can be tremendous, especially in your bathroom! It can burrough its way deep into the grout between the tiles and find its way into the silicone sealer. It can even end up on the walls and ceiling. This is bad news not just in terms of the look and smell of the bathroom but also in terms of your health.

When it comes to house cleaning in your bathroom you need to make it your number one aim to control the development of mildew and mold. In order to do this you must find effective means of controlling the humidity in the bathroom. You want to get rid of the moisture and steam in your bathroom after you take a shower. Always turn on your fan and if there is a window in your bathroom open it up just a little. The important thing is to increase the flow of air and to improve the level of ventilation.

Mildew enjoys the darkness so use every available opportunity you can to bathe your bathroom in light. Turn on the lights in the bathroom for anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes before you take a shower or a bath to discourage the start of these bathroom offenders.

House cleaning in your bathroom is very important for everyone in your household. Once you have finished your shower or bath wipe the area down with a dry cloth or squeegee. Keep a spray bottle of white vinegar in your bathroom and use it to spray the tiles and walls in the shower area. This will help to keep your bathroom mildew and mold free and to keep it sparkling clean and smelling wonderful!

Bathe Your Bathroom in Quality

As the UK starts to recover from the financial crisis, many people are continuing their home improvements that may have been put off. In truth though, many homeowners have continued to undergo DIY projects despite the economic problems as they looked for ways to improve the look and ultimately, the value of our homes. Two of the favourite places to make these improvements have been the kitchen and the bathroom with the average spending being around £6,000.

£6,000 is quite impressive when it comes to home improvements especially with the current economic crisis that is going on and with many home owners looking to save money. However, the chance to increase the value of their homes has obviously proved to be too tempting to resist. Kitchen improvements can be considerably more expensive than bathroom improvements as to make a difference in the kitchen you often have new appliances installed or an overhaul of the current design which can be very costly.

However, in the bathroom you can make a big change by spending relatively little money. Painting and decorating in the bathroom is the most popular choice for many people as it is inexpensive and can have a nice effect on the look and feel of a bathroom. When potential buyers are looking round at properties, the bathroom is a place that they pay serious attention to so making these rooms look nice and appealing is something that all homeowners should look to do if possible.

Whilst kitchens can be quite expensive improvements to make, bathrooms can be changed with minimal expenditure and is the reason why many people choose to make these types of improvements over those in the kitchen. However, if you are looking for the home improvement with the most impact and you have the disposable income to fund a kitchen refurbish then you should definitely look into it because they have a big impact on the value of home.

With a range of home improvements available you need to make sure you find the right supplier and by using the online companies you can do exactly that as they will find you the right supplier in your area that will be able to carry out the job you require. Having a good relationship with your supplier is important so make sure you have the funds available for the job to be completed as well as doing all you can to help during the process.

Decorating Your Bathroom If You’re on a Budget

Decorating your house will usually bring the highest impact when you do the kitchen or the bathroom. Sometimes is just great when you take a bathroom that is old and tired and make it into something that looks shiny and new again.

However, a lot of people avoid remodeling their bathroom, because they think it will cost a lot of money. You have another option though, spending a bit of money at a time, making small changes to the bathroom. Even though you spend a small amount of money, you can still make considerable changes to the bathroom.

My advice for those that remodel their bathrooms is to look at what the eyesores and worst blemishes are. One option would be to start by doing the wall painting, but only after you decide if you will take out any cabinetry. In some cases it’s better to leave the painting for a later date in the project and not do it in the beginning. While in the old days, people would use big cabinets which took up a lot of space in the bathroom, the fashion now is to leave as much empty space as possible. That’s why it’s usually recommended to get vanities and cabinets that are as small as possible.

Plenty of people that do their bathrooms find out that taking out cabinetry that is big will usually require extra work on the drywall and gaps in the flooring of the room. When you take the cabinetry out you can see all the spots that need fixing and you can start thinking about what color you want to use for the floors and the walls. If your bathroom is small, you can use a light color to give it an appearance that it’s bigger. Decorations and towels can be used to provide for a dark accent, but the walls should be bright and light. The paint that you’re using should be able to withstand the bathroom’s higher humidity.

This is also the case for your bathroom floor, which needs to withstand both the higher humidity and the heat. One option that you shouldn’t consider for a bathroom is hardwood, but you can’t go wrong if you decide on using ceramic tile. It’s also rather cheap. If you don’t want ceramic tiling, you can use laminates that are designed to function well in environments that have high humidity. The floors that you choose should enhance the look of the walls and the general decor that you want to get from the room. It will be some time before you make chances again to this room, so don’t choose without thinking.

Buying a bathroom toilet isn’t a hard thing to do, but if you don’t need to change it yet, you should probably let it be. It’s a hard thing to do for a beginner and an expert will ask for a lot of money. The same goes for the shower. Still, if you really must change it because you prefer a better shower or a bathtub, ask a professional to do it. You have the option here to do a resurfacing of the tub, instead of buying a new one, since the cost will be smaller. Resurfacing it will make it look like new, shiny and bright. Even though it will be done by professionals, the cost will be smaller than asking a plumber to install a new tub.

Best of all, it’s simply amazing to see what a huge difference small things like new fixtures, knobs or hardware can do out of a bathroom. If you also use a few lamps to give you some subtle lighting, you can give a new look to your bathroom without breaking the bank. Guest towels and the shower curtain should be the biggest spending that you invest in the bathroom. The towels, together with the shower curtain, will provide a sense of blending for the design and colors of the room, while giving it an enjoyable atmosphere.