Kitchen Counter Tops – Some Interesting Info to Know

Kitchens are an important part of a household of any size and the kitchen countertop is an integral part. Many people like having beautiful countertops that are strong, but still look sleek and beautiful. While I was renovating my home recently, I learned about trend stone. Trend stone is a beautiful material that is also environmentally friendly. Not only that, but the material itself is unbelievably sturdy. It’s an amazing substance which lasts for a very long time and will make your kitchen countertops look modern and stylish.

Trend stone looks just like a granite slab countertop. It will give any countertop a beautiful luster similar to that of the igneous material. Not only that, but it is made of 70% recycled material and because it is so easy to install, it uses a lot fewer resources than traditional granite would. The installation is simple and only requires about a day to complete. The result is a beautiful kitchen countertop. You save time, resources and money.

Trend stone counter tops are also extremely strong – even more so than granite. So when you use trend stone, your countertops will be nearly indestructible. Trend stone has an approximate hardness of 8 on Mohs scale. This means very few objects are going to be able to do any harm to your countertop. It’s a great combination of strength and power: perfect for the kitchen and the bathroom.

So when you are redoing your kitchen counter tops, this may be a great alternative to doing a full tear down of the kitchen. It will give your kitchen a beautiful look and you won’t need to go through the hassle of hiring several different contractors. It is also great to know that your counter will be almost indestructible as well and very low maintenance.

Plumbing Basics in the Bathroom

There are two main functions for plumbing in the bathroom of any home: fresh, clean water needs to get in and waste and used water needs to be removed.

Water Comes In

Water needs to get in. The sink, shower and/or tub and the toilet all need water to work efficiently and do their jobs. Plumbing brings the water from the source, through a meter to measure usage, and into the home. The hot water heater warms the water for the sink and tub while other water bypasses this step resulting in the cold water setting.

The plumbing now diverts into the different parts of the bathroom with pipes running to the sink, toilet and tub or shower. If a problem arises with the draining of the shower and not the sink, the problem is more than likely to be contained in the pipes in and around the sink. With drain problems in both the sink and the shower, the problem may be occurring farther back into the pipes and be more difficult for a homeowner to handle without professional help.

Waste Goes Out

Every bathroom has materials that need to be removed from the home. Plumbing creates an outlet to remove waste and used water. Each facet of the bathroom has it’s own waste removal pipes, that all join into a larger pipe that carries out to the sewer system. Pressure is generated from vents that remove gases from the sewer out of the home by way of the roof.

Stop the Water

When any work is being done on the plumbing of a home, the water supply to the home (at least in the area being worked on) needs to be turned off. In the case of the bathroom, there is usually a valve behind the toilet to stop the flow of water into the sink, toilet and tub or sink. Be sure to turn the valve completely and tightly to ensure no water is able to come through the system. In older homes, there may only be one place to turn the water off for the entire house. If this is the case, look for the valve under the sink in the kitchen.

Fixing A Problem

When diagnosing a plumbing problem in the bathroom, try to determine whether the problem comes from the water coming into the bathroom or the water and waste leaving. Many times, drains can get clogged, effecting the water that is attempting to leave the house. In this case, you can easily open up the drain and check to see if there is something visibly preventing water from leaving efficiently. If you can see something, attempt to remove it, put the drain back together and run water to see if the problem was solved.

The Functions of Cable Kit and Tile Backer System

The cable kit for underfloor heating is a great choice since it is the most versatile form of heating system and can take up any shape and size of a room. Therefore, whether you want to install it in a small area or a large area, the cables can fit according to your choice.


In the kit, you will find a long cable wire, which is single length and can be easily secured to any size of floor by using an adhesive tape. Unlike the cable mat where it is fitted to a mat, the tile backer board system uses the cable on any existing floor by covering it with tile adhesive. Hence, it can be said that such flexible and simple system allows the fixture in any complex flooring structure.

Many advantages come with a cable kit. You can install the single wire cable onto any irregular surface and make use of the full flexibility of the wires. The best part is that you can install it in a kitchen area or the bathroom wherever you feel that installing is difficult.

Now when you talk of tile backer board fitted with cables, it is the most useful thing for underfloor heating purposes. Such a board is perfect for any kind of wet areas like the kitchen and the bathroom. The properties bring in many advantages along with the board since it helps in saving energy and heat.

If you want waterproof insulation in one operation then the tile backer board is the perfect choice. The best part is that you can use it to any sub-floor or framework of metal or wood and wall, thus making it a dual functioning system by turning it into a construction and insulation board for any construction task.

A tile backer board is perfect for underfloor heating system, since it can be used for concrete floors without allowing any heat loss at all. When you install it beneath a floor, you will find that the floor is warmed up in no time at all. Now if you replace the tile backer underfloor heating system with any other kind of underfloor heating system, you will find that the floor will take more than couple of hours to get warmed up.

If you are wondering how the tile backer board is used, then know that board is cut with a sharp knife and then the boards are placed in between the walls with a kind of adhesive mesh tape that is used to keep the it in place. The mesh tape is actually used to reinforce the joints. Once this is done, only then the tiling can actually commence.

Hence, it can be said that the combination of cable kit and tile backer system ensure that any wet area in your room can get sufficient amount of heat during the wet days.